The School :

The school offers bilingual education in French and English using the Montessori pedagogy.
In addition to fundamental learning, its mission is to enable children to develop their global awareness, critical thinking, and social skills in an enriching and nurturing environment that fosters independent growth.

High-Quality Montessori Education

The teachers are Montessori AMI trained or equivalent (Association Montessori International) and have several years of experience.

Bilingual French/English Teaching

Bilingual immersion supplemented by fun daily English lessons to provide the child with the means to master this international language.

Meaningful Learning

A wealth of materials and educational resources is made available to the child so that they can experience the meaning behind each concept.

A Daily Environment in the Heart of Nature

The chosen site offers an idyllic setting for safe exploration and self-experimentation.

Strong Connection with Parents

Because we are an extension of your home education, we work together in supporting your child.

Discover Our Premises

The Exterior

Within 1 hectare of greenery and approximately 300m2 of facilities, children can evolve at their own pace in a suitable and prepared environment for them. Discover the wonderful park that surrounds the children's classrooms.

360° Video

Montessori school exterior


For children aged 2 and a half to 6 years old

The created environment allows the child to understand the world around them and develop their intellectual and motor skills at their own pace, autonomously. This fosters confidence and self-awareness, which are necessary for their future development and desire to learn.

360° Video

Montessori preschool classroom


For children aged 6 to 12 years old

The 6-12 age group environment resembles a micro-society, where children work in small groups and develop their critical thinking by exploring the world.

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Montessori primary classroom

Zone Map within a 15-minute drive from the school (Source: Géoportail)

Our Prices

Name Description Price (€)
4 days per week, 3-6 or 6-12 years old
(20% discount for the second child in a sibling group / 25% for the third child)
640 €/month for 12 months
Homemade organic, vegetarian, and seasonal meals prepared by HEALTHY LUNCH caterer in Grasse (06)
Possibility to bring your own lunch box under certain conditions.
115 €/month
After-school care From 16:30 to 18:00 (including snack) 90 €/month
Registration fee One-time registration fee for the entire duration of the child's schooling. 550 €/child

Discover our Extra-Curricular Activities

Kid's Club Montessori (Wednesday)

Montessori Holidays